A History of Success

CLEANTEAM BUILDING SERVICES, now in its twenty ninth (29th) year of operation, is one of the largest janitorial service companies in the greater Harrisburg area.  We offer a full range of janitorial services to commercial, industrial, and institutional markets.  Presently we maintain 5.75 million square feet of space on a daily basis and employ a work force of 175 custodians.  We offer service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Our success is attributable to several key factors in which we have differentiated ourselves from our competitors that have earned us our reputation as #1 in quality.
First, we do not try to be all things to all people.  CLEANTEAM focuses on larger facilities where services are provided under contract on a daily basis.  We do not accept one-time jobs nor do we clean homes or small offices.  If we accepted the one-time and smaller jobs, we fear it would distract attention and manpower away from our ongoing customers.
Second, we recognize that our customer’s satisfaction is a reflection of the quality of persons we hire and the supervision we provide.  We have the most comprehensive employee screening and interview procedures in our industry to insure as best as possible an honest, reliable, and drug-free workforce.  Every job applicant completes the Orion Pre-Employment Questionnaire, a paper and pencil questionnaire that indicates a person’s likelihood to be involved with theft as well as substance abuse.  The Questionnaire, in conjunction with a two-step interview process, reference checking, and random state police checks, results in our hiring of only 2 of 10 applicants.
Third, the best prices available on towels, tissue, hand soap, trashcan liners and thousand of janitorial products through our exclusive relationship with our sister wholesale distribution company, Columbus Supply House. Now you can one-stop shop for janitorial services and supplies.  You can opt to receive only one monthly combined invoice and shift the burden of taking inventory, issuing purchase orders over to us.  Our customers of all sizes, especially those of scale, appreciate processing and writing but one check monthly and the assurance that they will never run short of these necessary products. 

Fourth, when you hire us, you also receive the resources and expertise of those manufactures of products we purchase and use.  Over the years, we’ve solved some very challenging cleaning problems by bringing in manufacturers of various chemicals to help problem solve, all at no cost to our customer.  Whether marble floors that have lost their luster, discolored grout lines, wall graffiti, or carpet spots that seem impossible to remove, we won’t be outdone in coming up with a solution.      

CLEANTEAM is proud to be a longtime member of the Building Service Contractors Association International.  We maintain our central office, an 8,000 square foot building, in Lemoyne, Pennsylvania.  Management staff is available 24 hours per day through the use of 30 cell phones and pagers providing us with the ability to respond quickly to emergencies.